Balsamic Farro & Roasted Carrot Salad

By Rachael Penny / May 28, 2021 /

Salad season is here, and I’m here for it. Today we are making this Balsamic Farro & Roasted Carrot Salad, perfect to prep and serve for lunch all week. With balsamic marinated tofu, maple dijon roasted carrots, farro, fresh veggies and greens; this salad has it all. What is Farro? “Farro, a high-protein, high-fiber ancient whole-grain wheat,…

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Hemp Kale Caesar & Coco Bacon

By Rachael Penny / May 20, 2021 /

I’m SO excited to share this salad! I’ve been enjoying the heck out of it lately and it’s so easy to prep in advance and mix up for lunch, throw in a wrap, on the side of dinner, anytime is a good time for this Hemp Kale Caesar & Coco Bacon. Why hemp hearts? Packed…

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Lime Coconut Curry Ramen Stir-Fry

By Rachael Penny / May 18, 2021 /

This Lime Coconut Curry Ramen Stir-Fry has been my GO-TO dinner lately. It takes about 10 minutes to make and is packed with fresh flavour and veggies. Perfect for spring/summer with the bright ginger and lime. This recipe makes a single serving, but you can easily double it for two. Let’s make it! Begin by…

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Sun-dried Tomato & Bean Balls

By Rachael Penny / May 11, 2021 /

You may wonder, what could I do with 40 Sun-dried Tomato & Bean Balls? I’ll tell you! Everything – you can use them for spaghetti, toss them in a wrap, over a salad, so many options. These balls are versatile, perfect for meal prep, packed with plant based protein and simply delicious! Begin by preparing…

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Smokey Tempeh & Mango Fresh Rolls

By Rachael Penny / May 7, 2021 /

It’s fresh, it’s smokey, it’s packed with veggies! Smokey Tempeh & Mango Fresh Rolls have it all rolled up. A perfect spring/summer lunch. We’ll start by preparing the smokey tempeh. Slice the tempeh into strips. Place on a large pan. Whisk together the remaining ingredients and pour over the tempeh. Bring to a boil, reduce…

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Coconut Lime Rice & Sesame Cauliflower

By Rachael Penny / April 23, 2021 /

Who doesn’t love a good sheet pan meal? This Coconut Lime Rice & Sesame Cauliflower is sure to please with minimal prep time and a delicious payoff. Top with avocado, green onion, and sesame seeds for a fresh spring evening dinner. Cook the rice, toss everything else on a sheet pan for 35 minutes. Combine…

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Dill Carrot & Quinoa Salad

By Rachael Penny / April 16, 2021 /

A good salad on a nice day, packed with fresh veggies, dill, and quinoa. Sounds perfect! You can enjoy this Dill Carrot & Quinoa Salad with just 11 plant based ingredients. With fresh dill, naturally sweet raisins, and peppery arugula. This salad has it all and packs a punch of flavour with every bite. Perfect…

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Curried Sweet Potato Soup

By Rachael Penny / April 7, 2021 /

This Curried Sweet Potato Soup came to be while I tried to make something for dinner near the end of my grocery week and I’m so impressed with it! Creamy and protein packed, this soup is the perfect quick meal to squeeze in lots of veggies with minimal effort. All you need is one pot…

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Vegan Seitan Maple Glazed Ham

By Rachael Penny / March 26, 2021 /

Happy spring! I hope you’re excited for the warmer weather and longer days. I’m thrilled to bring you this delicious Vegan Seitan Maple Glazed Ham. This recipe is packed with protein, simple, and makes for an impressive dinner. Perfect with Easter right around the corner. To prepare this, you’ll need a food processor and loaf…

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Roasted Red Pepper Spaghetti

By Rachael Penny / March 18, 2021 /

It’s no secret that I love pasta, and this Roasted Red Pepper Spaghetti has IT ALL. The sauce is packed with veggies and silken tofu to give the perfect creamy texture. Finish it with some fresh basil and *chef’s kiss* 🙂 To start, we will roast our veggies for the sauce. Bell pepper, tomato, onion,…

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